Summer School: 6 Digital Marketing Improvements To Make Now So Your Holiday Season Rocks!


It’s July, which means the busy holiday shopping season starts in less than 90 days. Take advantage of summer’s laid-back vibe by doing the behind-the-scenes maintenance that keeps your digital marketing doing its job: creating customer interest and converting that interest into sales.

Here are 6 things you can be doing right now to help ensure your holiday season rocks:

  1. Identify what your key holiday promotions are going to be.

    Check with your vendors to discover what materials they’re providing for holiday campaigns: doing this early can influence your own creative process. Having campaign names, offers, and dates in advance streamlines the process of creating digital marketing assets, identifying appropriate audiences, and getting content and ads posted appropriately.

  2. Speed test your website.

    Customers expect your website pages to load in 1.5 seconds or less. Test your website page load speeds by entering the address into this tool, provided by Google. If it’s taking longer than 1.5 seconds for a page to load, talk to your web developer about what can be done to improve site performance.

  3. Do a Social Media Audit.

    Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are the go-to platforms shoppers rely on to discover and buy holiday gifts. Check to be sure that your business information is accurate, that your content is reaching your desired target market, and the settings you rely on to ensure customers can easily discover and purchase your products are properly configured.

  4. Look at your website analytics.

    Google Analytics contain a wealth of data retailers and business owners can use to understand how visitors experience your website. Delve into the data – by looking at when and where your visitors decide to leave your site, you can identify problems that need repair, as well as further sales opportunities to capitalize on.

  5. Google your business.

    Pretend you’re a customer searching for your business. What information do you discover with a simple Google search? In addition to your business website, customers may check review sites: what will they find? Is your business information accurate in directories? Check your address, hours of operation, phone number and any other points your customers will want to know. Summer is the time to clean up this type of vital information online.

  6. Clean up your email lists.

    Email marketing continues to be one of the most powerful tools in the small business owner’s marketing kit. Reduce your bounce rate and realize a better ROI on your email marketing efforts by cleaning up your email list. Most email clients have functionality built in to help you complete this vital task.

Summer School: 6 Digital Marketing Improvements To Make Now So Your Holiday Season Rocks!
Article Name
Summer School: 6 Digital Marketing Improvements To Make Now So Your Holiday Season Rocks!
Use the summer to set up for holiday success! Follow these 6 digital marketing tips to move to the head of the class!

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