DIY Video Marketing Tools You Can Use


Last week we discussed putting Video Marketing on Your Radar and our top three tips for getting started. Remember to follow these steps for a successful project.

Today let’s look at some tools you can use to create videos on your own.

Go Animate:

This is an online tool that allows you to use characters in a setting to tell a story. This site lets you create a video either from a template or from scratch. Go Animate allows you to put together fun animated videos, but remember the tool is there to provide you with characters and settings, not message and dialog. Whether you use the template or start from scratch you will need to have a script ready for your characters to speak.

Here is an example of how our client EzTrackIt, a package logging software company, is using Go Animate to educate, entertain, and inform their clients about their business.


Magisto makes it easy for you to create engaging videos. Simply take a recorded video and upload it and they do all the rest, adding music and personality. This type of tool is great for entertaining videos, but not an ideal fit for educational or informational videos. If your videos relate to food, fashion or silly fun this is a great tool to look at for creating and sharing your content. What I love about this video tool is that it trims the fat on your videos with too many pauses. Magisto adds in transitions and effects to give the video a stronger feel of momentum.


This tool can work for both videos and photos. The WeVideo interface is designed to make creating videos very easy for newbies but they also provide an advanced layout for individuals with editing experience. This tool features a collaboration function as well, so you can invite others to work with you on your project. This is a great application to use for creating something fun or informative for clients. Think carefully about how you put together your mix of video, images, and sound. Do not get carried away – remember this is for business, not for family.

The wonderful thing about each of these tools is that they offer you the ability to create videos in the cloud. Each of the applications gives you a way to download your creations and publish them on your website, YouTube, or Facebook. Remember to stay focused, but why not make some time this year to get video on your business website and into your 2013 marketing strategy.

If you have questions or want some support in creating a video strategy for your business, schedule a free consultation today.

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