Does Buy Online, Pick Up in Store Really Work for the Retailer?


The 2014 holiday season was good to online retailers. EMarketer reports a 16% growth over the previous year; encouraging news in an environment where customer confidence was uncertain.

Buy Online, Pick Up in Store campaigns began to be heavily promoted most often starting on Black Friday, the post-Thanksgiving holiday shopping season kick-off event. As a result, in store pick up orders increased 40% on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They peaked again shortly before Christmas, when many shoppers had missed the absolute last window to have their holiday packages shipped to them.

Were The Increased Sales Worth The Investment?

40 % sales spikes associated with Pick Up in Store orders sounds like a good thing, but many retailers experienced difficulty fulfilling those orders. Less than half of the retailers who offered In Store Pick Up rated their performance as having done “Very Well.”

If you are one of these store owners, or you’ve been considering adding a Pick Up In Store option to your e-commerce site, that number could make you nervous. However, when you weigh the fact that customers are becoming increasingly fond of and expect the ability to buy online and pick up in the store, devoting some time to make sure your fulfillment logistics are flawless now will help make the holiday season truly your time to shine.

Bear in mind that fulfillment is only one aspect of a successful Buy Online, Pick Up in Store campaign. Equally important is understanding how you’re going to market this service to your online customers. Prominent mentions on your website are essential – make sure you include this messaging on category landing pages as well as individual item listing pages. Mention the Buy Online, Pick Up in Store option via your social media sites as well.

For Buy Online, Pick Up in Store to work for your store, you need a strategic plan that includes fulfillment, marketing, and customer service. Need help making it happen? Give us a call. We’re here to help!

Does Buy Online, Pick Up in Store Really Work for the Retailer?
Article Name
Does Buy Online, Pick Up in Store Really Work for the Retailer?
The buy online, pick up in store strategy is convenient for customers, but does this retail marketing tactic work for your bottom line?

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