Does Your Business Need a Passion Infusion?


Yesterday I was giving my weekly class as an instructor for Social Media Marketing University and the moderator on the call said “You have been doing this for so long and you’re still so passionate.” That’s right, I explained; “I love what I do and I am always seeing new ways to grow and market businesses online.” It occurred to me after the webinar that not everyone gets this excited about social media or marketing in general. If you want to know why you’re marketing isn’t working for you, why your social media is not bringing you a return – perhaps your social media, along with your marketing overall, lacks passion.

Passion Infusion

You need to sit down with yourself first, remember we need to lead from the front, and remind yourself what makes you so passionate about your business. Why do you love what you do? Review the things that make you and your organization different and exciting to a customer. Go back and review emails and comments from clients about how they see you and your organization. Do they feel passionate about you? Use this as the foundation for a new social campaign; call it your passion infusion.

Passion: Pass it on

Now it’s time to get the rest of your team excited. That’s right, you need to build the passion internally before you can start spreading the message. Ask your team to contribute to your passion infusion plan – what do they want to see, why do they love being apart of your business? What do they hear from customers and how do they see you spreading the message? Passion is contagious, so you need to get everyone involved in your passion infusion, not just your marketing team. You’ll be able to come up with a better plan if you get the entire team involved. Great ideas come from all members.

Passion Audit & Plan

Now that you’ve got everyone excited about your business and message, you need to create a plan to spread the word. Look at the day-to-day marketing items and give yourself an audit. Is what you’re sharing really going to get your audience excited? Discuss how you can change things to spread the message more effectively on a day to day basis. When was the last time you rolled out a “big idea,” something a little crazy, a little fun, something to get people to remember who you really are? Maybe now you need to add a few “big ideas” into your plan.

We all lose momentum, but if you’re finding that your social media and overall marketing is feeling stale or flat, perhaps you need a passion intervention? Start with the steps above and if you need a guide, be sure to reach out for a little Technology Therapy.

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