Don’t Be a Bad Luck Brian: Double Check Your Work in 2013


We’ve all had this problem before in the first weeks of January; whether we’re writing a check or taking down notes, we accidentally write the previous year. It’s a simple mistake that anyone can make out of sheer habit. For a whole year, we’ve been conditioned to date things 2012 and now all of a sudden we must adjust. Due to this issue, many of us may start to wonder where our scheduled Facebook posts have disappeared to.

Bad Luck Brian Facebook Schedule

When you choose to schedule a post, you have the option to either schedule it for a future date or back date the post (you can schedule as far back as 2008). In these first few weeks of January, it can be easy to accidentally choose 2012 rather than 2013. If you fall victim to this mix up, don’t panic. Simply copy the status that was backdated and re-post it with the appropriate date scheduled. Then delete the back dated post.

Facebook Schedule

Though this is a minor mishap, it does remind us that we must be extra vigilant during this transition period, not only when scheduling Facebook posts, but in all areas of our businesses. Check all of your important documents to ensure that they are dated correctly. Don’t stop with the date, let this new found attentiveness seep into all areas of your business. Re-read your proposals carefully for spelling or grammar errors, double check your blog posts, triple check your social media. Set aside the time that you never thought you could afford to take to ensure that everything that leaves your hands meets your standards.

Let 2013 be the year of no mistakes, or at least fewer ones.

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