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Don’t Let Your Social Media Get Stale


One of the best things about digital marketing is that we’re always gaining ground. New tools, techniques and platforms are becoming relevant all of the time. We’re promoting our businesses in an environment rich with opportunities – but it’s just as full of peril.

In the active, dynamic social media world, it’s very easy for our content to get stale. When this happens, we run the risk of upsetting and alienating the people we want to attract. This is more common than you might think. I’ve even had it happen to me.

What Happened:

Just yesterday, I was reading a great LinkedIn post. The post was inviting the group members to be guests on his talk radio show – obviously an interesting offer to anyone who wants to promote their business! The invitation requested members to head over to the Facebook page and share a reason to be a guest.

Smart idea – what a great way to grow your fans; leverage one social media platform to impact the results you see on another. We do this too, because a coordinated, cohesive approach to social media delivers better results.

I went to the Facebook page ready and eager to tell my story. I scrolled down to look at the previous posts so I could be clear about my approach. I was shocked to see that the most recent post was from 2012 – almost two years ago. Why would the talk show host drive people to a social media platform he wasn’t actively using? Was anyone going to even see any message I posted there? I left the page confused and annoyed that my time was wasted.

Do This Now

Answer the following questions: When was the last time new content was posted to your Facebook page? When was your last Tweet? How active are you on LinkedIn, Pinterest, or other social media platforms where your business has a presence?

Don’t guess – know! Many business owners grossly underestimate how long it’s been since they’ve updated. Taking a moment to actually check can be an eye-opening statement of your social media presence.

Don’t Let Your Social Media Go Stale

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter:

No matter what tool you’re using to connect with your audience, you have to put some effort into it. Your level of activity shows your customers you care. Here are a few tips to get you started.


I never get tired of reminding people of this critical step. Define the goal for the platform you are using. What are your desired results?

Reach & Audience:

Who do want to target when using this tool? Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+: Do you know who you’re talking to? Are you speaking to one audience or several different groups?

Define Your Voice:

You’ve heard me say personality matters. What type of voice will you have on each of the social tools? What type of information will you share and why? It is important to be clear about your social voice, as it will help you better connect with your clients. Be yourself and be focused.


How often will you post? This will depend on the platforms you work on and all the other points we discussed today. At a minimum, you should have weekly posts on all your platforms to show your audience you care. If your customers are actively engaging with you, your participation needs to be more frequent – don’t make your fans wait a week for a reply!

Social media marketing requires commitment and real interest. If your platforms get stale, your audience will turn up their nose and walk away. Before you start marketing with a social tool, be sure you take the time to bring the tool up to date.

We all understand when businesses have blips in their social conversation, but you can’t ask me to join the conversation if you have not even put out fresh content to discuss.

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