Downtime Can Be Valuable


If you’re in retail, this time of year can be super busy. However, if you’re in the B2B world, the two weeks surrounding Christmas and New Years can be on the slow side. Holiday vacations mean the decision makers you desperately want to reach aren’t necessarily available – and even if you can get through to them, they’re not in any hurry to do anything concrete until 2015 arrives in earnest.

There’s two ways to handle this. The first way involves winning the lottery and using the funds to take all your favorite people away on a vacation to a fabulous tropical island where all the drinks have umbrellas and there’s no stress allowed. If you choose this method, please remember that we’re obviously among your favorite people!

The second way to handle the end of the year downtime is to use this period to attend to all of the tasks you’re too busy to deal with the rest of the time. It’s a great opportunity to make sure all of your digital marketing is in good shape. Do a website audit. Delve into your Google Analytics reports, and take the time to discover where all of your traffic is coming from. Are you seeing good numbers of traffic from the sources you expect? If the answer to that question is “No” now is the time to figure out how you’ll change that going forward.

Examine all the social media platforms and digital tools you’re currently using. Make sure your profiles, imagery, and headers reflect your company accurately. This is a good time to familiarize yourself with the changes being made to major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so you can be prepared to share your messaging more effectively in 2015. If you have time, check out some of the new or emerging social media platforms: they may have a pivotal role to play in your marketing going forward.

Finally, use downtime to rest and recharge your batteries. This long stretch can seem like an endless wait, but the truth is that these days fly by. Before you know it, it will be full speed ahead again! Do what you can now to make sure you’re fully prepared to shine when that happens.

Downtime Can Be Valuable
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Downtime Can Be Valuable
Make the most of downtime during the holiday season to tackle the tasks you've been meaning to get to all year!

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