Educate and Entertain Your Audience Visually


Visual marketing not only allows you the chance to share images of your products, it gives you a chance to work your creative muscle. Though all visual marketing platforms require creativity and an eye for design, infographics and memes give you the opportunity to think outside the box more than most. The viral nature of these visuals makes them even more exciting! Who doesn’t want a chance to connect with and inform their target market on a broad scale? Below we delve into what each of these tools is and how you can make them go viral!


Infographics are visual representations of information, data and statistics. They allow you to present information in a visually interesting manner. This format not only allows your audience to absorb what you are trying to get across at a glance, it grabs (and holds) their attention. In fact, well-crafted infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than plain text articles.

How can you make your infographic go viral?

  • Stand Out from the Crowd – Be sure that you pick an interesting topic and a memorable title to break through the noise!
  • Keep Text Short and Sweet – The whole point is to be visually striking, and too much text can detract from that. We based our latest infographic, The Chutes and Ladders of Social Media, on the popular board game, allowing the players’ position on the board to depict how close they were to the winner’s circle.
  • Sharing is Caring – Don’t be afraid to share your infographic on social media platforms. Posting it on social media sites encourages others to share it as well and makes it easy for them to do so.
  • Diversify – Use a wide range of sources for information and data.


Memes are cultural ideas or symbols that pass from person to person within a culture. The term was coined by Richard Dawkins, an ethologist and evolutionary biologist, in the 1970s. Originally, they were spread by word of mouth, but today memes have taken on a whole new life over the internet. Though they may be in the form of a link, a video, a website or a hashtag, for our purposes we will only be exploring the most common type of internet meme: images.

Memes allow you to connect with your target market by capitalizing on a popular idea with which they already identify. For example, Success Kid is a popular internet meme depicting a toddler making a gesture signifying that he has done something right. When we take that image and apply a caption relating to SEO, we get the meme above. Anyone who has gone through the struggles of modifying his or her SEO practices following a change in Google’s algorithm can immediately identify with this meme.

How can you make your memes go viral?

  • Be Choosy – Don’t just pick any popular meme. Make sure that it makes sense with your message, fits with your culture, and won’t alienate your target market.
  • Humor Us – Memes give you a chance to be funny and show your brand’s personality.
  • Socialize – Share your meme on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and any other social platforms that you may use. If your followers find it funny, they’ll be sure to share it as well!

Ready to start having some fun with infographics and memes, but not sure where to begin? TTG can help you create visual marketing masterpieces that will show off your brand’s personality and resonate with your audience!

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