The Customer Journey: Map The Ways You Capture & Convert

What is your social media worth? What about your weekly newsletter? How many times did a customer interact with your business this week? Do you have the answers to these questions? Brands and stores struggle every day to capture new customers, but we get so focused on the conversion we lose sight of the journey…. Continue Reading »

Retail Disruption & The Opportunities Ahead

Today’s customers demand highly individualized shopping experiences, with personalization at every level.  Explore the disruption happening in; retail stores large and small, online and offline.  As Amazon and Nordstrom’s launch inventory free shopping outlets today’s customers need for interaction is changing.  Take a journey with Jennifer Shaheen and explore the impacts Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning,… Continue Reading »

The Data Bites Mindset

Measure What Matters – True, but What Matters?  This is a question most growing businesses struggle with every day.  To stay relevant, according to a new study by Harvard Business Review, companies that make data-driven decisions have the best chance for longevity. This isn’t a big data workshop this is a workshop designed to get… Continue Reading »