Understanding Digital Data and Customer Mapping: The Customer Journey

According to McKinsey, a deeper understanding of the customer journey can lead to insights that are 30 to 40 percent more predictive of customer satisfaction and churn. Therefore, understanding and optimizing the entire journey — not simply individual experiences — can create huge value for your company. Jennifer explains the process and how to make… Continue Reading »

Hide & Seek: How to Capture Customers Looking for Your Business

Customers are searching for your store, but are you hiding in plain sight? During this workshop you’ll learn what you need to do to get found online by customers anxious to find your business.  The seminar will discuss how search has changed and along with tips and tricks to help you get found.  This will… Continue Reading »

Decoding Your Data DNA: Best Practices for Customer Acquisition

Making full use of data captured by website and marketing channels is the most efficient, cost-effective way to boost acquisition rates while controlling costs. Learn how to use your data to better understand your customers, create and connect with profitable audience segments, identify the best type of delivery method for content marketing, objectively assess campaign… Continue Reading »