Monday, Dec 07, 2020 | 1pm

Step-by-Step Training: Facebook & Instagram Ads – Expanding Your Ad Types

Location: Your Computer

About the Event

If you’ve mastered the basics of Facebook Advertising but are still unclear on all the different types of ads, this session is for you. We’ll break down the vocabulary and concepts so you can start seeing better results from your Facebook and Instagram Ads. During this 60-minute session, we’ll cover: 

  • Ad Objectives vs. Ad Formats & Creative  
  • Determining Which Objective Is Best for Your Campaign 
  • Maximizing Your Campaign Effectiveness with Multiple Ad Formats  
  • Best Practices for the Essential Ad Formats  
  • Key Metrics for Evaluating Ad Performance that the Objective and Format Level 

This presentation is limited seating so we can answer your specific questions.*

***SOLD OUT***

Trainer: Courtney Dumont

Cost $35
Session limited to 20 attendees

Date: Monday, December 7th, 1pm EDT

You’ll receive a copy of the presentation recording and notes.

*These sessions are packed with information, but some questions require more personal attention. If you’re facing a unique challenge, consider our marketing mentorship program:


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