Evernote Makes Networking Easier: Here’s What You Need To Know


We’re big Evernote fans here at Technology Therapy Group. As a cloud-based note-keeping platform, Evernote has no match. It’s easy to keep your notes organized and private; the web clipping tool makes keeping track of articles and web pages of interest super simple, and you can share data with colleagues and coworkers effortlessly.

That’s not all. Evernote CEO Phil Libin’s calm, sensible approach to innovation and even his organization’s growing pains have been a much-welcomed breath of rationality in the tech industry. It’s a leadership style we’d like to see more of, where humility and humanity are integral to overall operations.

That’s why we’re very excited to see Evernote has expanded its partnership with LinkedIn. Additionally, Evernote has improved its business card scanning ability. Taken together, you’ve got a tool that scans the business cards of everyone you meet, accesses their LinkedIn profiles, and gives you an easy, organized way to keep track of the people you connect with at networking events, tradeshows, conventions, and in the course of everyday business.

There is a sad note here. Evernote is taking the place of Cardmunch, the app with which we were previously enamored. Apps do come and go, especially when they’re free: Evernote & LinkedIn are apparently both banking on the appeal of their powerhouse combination to motivate high volume business users to pay for the service. Evernote does also have the advantage of being cloud based and an already established user base.

If you’re not already familiar with Evernote, you may find yourself prompted to explore it the next time you log onto your LinkedIn account. For the small business owner who does a lot of networking, the addition of a robust, powerful tool to organize business contacts and access their LinkedIn profiles is a good thing. The nifty note-taking features are just delicious icing on the cake. Enjoy! Evernote is apparently entirely calorie and carb free.

Evernote Makes Networking Easier: Here’s What You Need To Know
Article Name
Evernote Makes Networking Easier: Here’s What You Need To Know
Evernote has partnered with LinkedIn to provide the ultimate 1-2 punch for storing and organizing networking contacts.

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