Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Favicons


Just when you thought you knew almost everything you needed to know about your small business website, along comes another new term to master. Well, the term we’re talking about this time isn’t exactly new, but it’s not familiar to most people. Let’s talk about Favicons.

What Is a Favicon?

Favicons are the very small icons that appear next to your website’s page title on a browser tab or in the address bar. You can also see favicons appearing next to website titles in some search engine results, including Bing and Yahoo.

What’s the Point of Having a Favicon?

Favicons make it easier for people to recognize your website at a glance. This is important in a variety of situations, as when your web visitor has several browser tabs open at the same time, or when your site is being viewed as part of a list of bookmarked websites. Having a distinctive favicon allows your site to stand out. It’s an additional place to display your branding; a subtle but important touch that strengthens your identity in the customer’s mind.

Favicons are pretty small.

Favicons are 16 x 16 pixels. That’s extremely small, so when you’re thinking about your favicon design, you’ll want to focus on simple, clean design. Complex designs with lots of detail don’t work well when shrunk to this size!

What Should My Favicon Look Like?

Consider using your business’ logo as your favicon. It’s the simplest and best branding choice. However, if your logo doesn’t scale down successfully, you can use another design. Yahoo uses a stylized Y while Google uses a G: would a single letter in your brand’s colors work well as a favicon for you? Think in terms of symbols as well. A company with an extremely long name, such as Aberhermowitz and Sons Custom Extension Ladders might do very well with a favicon that looks like a ladder.

What Should I Do If I Don’t Know How To Create A Favicon?

You should call us. As a full service digital marketing agency, we do it all, from the big picture strategy development to the execution of the finest details –which definitely includes things like favicons. Set up your free, no-obligation consultation today!

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Favicons
Article Name
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Favicons
What are favicons? These icons may be tiny, but their impact on your business' website can be much bigger than you think.

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