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Exploring New Marketing Mediums? Let TTG Be Your Guide


Today is Columbus Day and it has many of us in the exploration mind set. If the holiday has inspired you to embark on a new marketing channel, don’t go it alone. Let us be your guide! We’ll make sure that you end up exactly where you intended: completing a successful campaign. We might even make some great discoveries along the way!

Don’t veer off course, allow us to navigate you through your new marketing endeavors. Let’s review some of the pieces that we can guide you through:

  • Social Media: Whether you’re unsure of which platforms are right for your business, you don’t know what types of content to share, or you simply don’t have the time to devote to creating and managing your social presence, we are here to help.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing campaigns are about more than just getting your subscribers to open your blasts, they’re about getting them to take action! Our expert designers and copy writers work together to create blasts that inspire subscribers to click over to your website and visit your brick and mortar location.
  • Infographics: When you’re looking to create something unexpected with a viral aspect, infographics are the top choice. We’ll help you educate and entertain your audience visually, creating a piece that not only forges connections with your customers, but makes them want to share with their followers and friends as well.
  • Custom Websites: Sure, template websites are cost effective, but to build a site that is truly working as the ultimate marketing tool for your business, custom websites are the way to go. Our experienced team will ensure that your navigation is well thought out, calls to action are expertly placed and users find your site intuitive to navigate. Not to mention, our writers will craft expert copy that compels your readers to take action.

Though we certainly can manage any of the above pieces for you individually, it is when we work together on all of these elements to craft cohesive campaigns that we use them all to their full potential. Having a full service web design, development and marketing agency on your side means having all of the navigation pieces you need to stay on the course of success for your business.

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