Facebook Continues to be a great Tool for Non-Profits


From my point of view, I have found Facebook to be a great tool for non-profits. When I consult my non-profit clients I discuss the range in ages and influence this platform can provide for their organization. On December 15th Facebook announced a great new feature for non-profits – the “Donate Now” button.

This feature gives non-profits the opportunity to add a donate button on the top right column of their Facebook page, allowing them to collect donations directly through this popular platform.


This is not the first tool Facebook has provided specifically for non-profits. Facebook also supports non-profits through a page they created called Non-Profits on Facebook.

Facebook Fan Details – Did You Know:

  • The average Facebook user check’s their account 5 times a day
  • Has 200+ friends
  • Spends an average of 8 hours a month on Facebook
  • Baby Boomers use Facebook over most other social networks
  • Baby Boomers spend 26% of their time on Facebook supporting causes they believe in.

Facebook Tips For Non-Profits:

  • Outline Your Organization’s Goals, Purpose, & Message for Facebook

    This may seem like a simple step, but it is often most forgotten. Many organizations just start sharing without any real purpose or plan behind their posts. They share what they think people want to see, and we should share that, but we need to ensure that we are leading our followers towards the outcomes we want to see. Plan out your posts based on your organization’s needs and messages. Understand the audience you’re trying to reach with the posts you share. Drive traffic to specific initiatives and be sure to engage with your followers.

  • Give to Receive

    I bet you’re wondering what you have to give, but you have something very important to give – praise. Spotlight your fans and donors. Show thanks and praise for the help you’re receiving big & small. You should also give ideas on how people can help your organization. By providing ideas about how people can help besides just sending a donation, people feel empowered to take the next step.

  • Leverage Visuals and #hashtags

    More people access Facebook today from their mobile phones than ever before and posting a great visual in their newsfeeds can really help your organization stay connected. Work in great visuals with your messages, ask fans to share photos and request permission to use those photos in your Facebook posts.

    In 2013 Facebook integrated the use of clickable hashtags. People, especially younger audiences, use hashtags as a way of communicating their thoughts and feelings. Be sure to add in tags that are trending as a way of connecting with your younger audience and to increase your opportunities to be found on hashtag searches.

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    Social Media Marketing: Facebook Adds Donate Button for Non-Profits
    Article Name
    Social Media Marketing: Facebook Adds Donate Button for Non-Profits
    On December 15th Facebook announced a great new feature for non-profits – the “Donate Now” button. Learn how to leverage this feature and platform for your Non-Profit.

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