Is Facebook Forcing Small Business Owners To Buy Advertising?


Have you heard about the Facebook Fit sessions yet? These educational seminars are marketed as a training opportunity to learn how to raise your company’s visibility on the popular social platform. However, as Time magazine reports, they’re actually focused on the many types of Facebook advertising.

Ogilvy & Mather, one of the world’s most proficient advertising agencies, has done the research and found that the organic reach of brand content on Facebook has been steadily declining. Numbers vary, but as a rule of thumb, you can count on only 6% of your pages’ fans seeing any one of your posts – unless you promote them.

Facebook advertising, on the other hand, gets a lot of eyeballs. Whether you’re choosing to promote a post or purchase geo-targeted display advertising, you’re going to be far more visible than you will be relying on organic reach alone. There’s no downside in this situation for Facebook: reducing the reach of free posts results in more cash flowing into their coffers.

Look! A Silver Lining!

While it does seem pretty clear that Facebook is persuading – none too gently! – business page owners to become advertisers, they’re also rolling out some new marketing tools that should make it easier to realize more satisfying results. One interesting function allows you to market to customers who are on your e-mail list, but not fans of your Facebook page; another, called Lookalike Targeting, is designed to reach Facebook users who share many traits in common with your customers.

Creating a reasonable budget for Facebook advertising begins by understanding the relevance of Facebook in your overall marketing mix. Consider how much of your website traffic originates from Facebook. If you’re not sure how to do this, here’s a helpful video on understanding Google Analytics to get you started.

One interesting note in the Time Magazine story was the restaurant owner who used his Facebook page in lieu of a website. This isn’t a strategy that will work for everyone, but it can be a viable marketing choice to cultivate a web presence as you work on launching your own website.

Consider the type of results you’re currently getting from Facebook. If you’d like those numbers to remain constant or increase, given the knowledge that Facebook has said it will continue decreasing organic reach numbers, developing an advertising strategy to keep you connected to your customers makes good sense.

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Is Facebook Forcing Small Business Owners To Buy Advertising?
Article Name
Is Facebook Forcing Small Business Owners To Buy Advertising?
Businesses have noticed a drop off in organic reach on Facebook, begging the question, is Facebook making advertising a necessary evil?

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