facebook to introduce autoplay video advertisements

Facebook Introduces Autoplaying Video Ads


Though video ads have been available on Facebook for some time, the social platform is now testing autoplaying videos in mobile News Feeds, with the hopes of rolling them out platform-wide next month. Though Mashable claims, “This is either great news (if you’re an advertiser) or not-so-great news (if you’re a user),” we’d have to disagree. Autoplaying videos, whether they are on your website or social pages, are often lose-lose tools; they annoy your customers, thereby coloring the way they feel about your company.

The Importance of Video

That being said, we are not denouncing video as an important marketing tool. Far from it in fact! Video is one of the most valuable tools that digital marketers have at their fingertips. Below are just some of the statistics proving the importance of video marketing:

  • By 2017, 90% of internet traffic will be accounted for by video
  • 87% of digital marketers use video
  • 65% of users will visit a business’s website after viewing their video
  • 40 billion videos are streamed to 75 million people in the US each month
  • In universal search results, videos have a 41% higher click through rate than plain text results

Alternate Video Tools
  • Video posts:

    Video is still a viable tool on Facebook. Share your videos with your fans and leverage Sponsored Posts to maximize the reach of your videos.

  • Instagram and Vine:

    Each of these tools has its advantages, Vine with the ability to create super short and creative looping videos and Instagram with additional editing features and longer video length. Use these tools to spotlight product features, announce events, tour your store, or just show your staff having some fun. Bonus: They each allow you to share to other social networks, like Facebook and Twitter.

  • YouTube:

    This social platform receives over 1 billion unique viewers each month. YouTube imposes fewer constraints than Instagram and Vine, allowing users to upload longer videos in a variety of formats. Still, keep most of your videos brief (less than 1.5 minutes) to ensure that your users watch the full length of the video. An added bonus: as Google now owns YouTube, optimizing your video titles, descriptions and tags with your keywords can give you an SEO boost.

  • General Video Ads:

    General video ads allow users to choose whether or not they want to watch your video. Users who opt in to your ads will be more receptive to and engaged with your messaging.

  • Your Website:

    Though all of the above are great tools, you must incorporate video directly into your website as well. For retail stores and ecommerce sites, videos allow you to display product features and functionalities that can’t be portrayed via photo, leading to the fact that 52% of consumers claim that watching product videos makes them feel more confident about purchases they make online. For service companies, videos convey experiences and emotions that may fall flat in text, or even photos. Additionally, videos make your site more sharable, as 92% of mobile video users go on to share videos with others.

Ultimately, though you should be incorporating video marketing into your overall strategy, there are so many more effective means than forcing your message on unsuspecting Facebook users. This is actually good news for small business owners, as Facebook’s autoplaying video ads will start at a bank-breaking $1 million.

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