Facebook Is Not Nearly Enough: Digital Marketing on a Global Level


Taking your jewelry brand from the national level to the point where your name is known all around the world is a complex undertaking. One important concept to internalize early in the process is that reaching a global audience means widening your understanding of available marketing tools – in this case, social media networks – exponentially.

Facebook is the world’s largest social media network, with active users in almost every country on the planet. However, Facebook is far from the most popular social media in each country; there are regional variations. In many countries, users tend to have preferential local social networks that they will check before or in addition to Facebook. These networks are smaller than Facebook, but that doesn’t mean they’re tiny: sites like Bebo, Hi5, SkyRock and Netlog have millions upon millions of loyal users.

Knowing what social media networks are most popular in your given target market is a great starting point. You also want to fully understand how people use each particular social network. Of particular interest are shopping-oriented social media platforms like Multiply, which serves the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Professional networking sites, such as Xing, can provide brands with the ability to connect with potential vendors and partner retailers in countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

A third component to effectively marketing a jewelry brand on a global level is understanding how the content you share on different international platforms needs to be tailored to best reach those audiences. There is a definite balancing act between maintaining the core, essential elements of your brand’s identity with content designed for local appeal: Coca-Cola isn’t in the jewelry business, but they’re a great brand to look toward if you’d like to see this masterfully done.

Use the understanding you’ve developed on these three key points to influence your global social media strategies. That’s how top jewelry brands have made it where they are. You can do it too.

Facebook Is Not Nearly Enough: Digital Marketing on a Global Level
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Facebook Is Not Nearly Enough: Digital Marketing on a Global Level
Becoming a global jewelry brand means expanding beyond the comfort zone of Facebook into other social media platforms that fit with international customers.

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