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It’s been a few weeks since we last reported a Facebook change, so it seems that it was only a matter of time. Recognizing mobile’s widespread use, yesterday Facebook announced a new layout for Pages in mobile format. The social media giant stated the new look is, “tailored to the way people look at information on their mobile devices,” making mobile pages more, “efficient and useful.” Currently, the improved layout is only available via mobile browsers and on the Facebook iOS app for the iPhone, though they are working on mobile Pages for the Android app. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from the new look.


New and Improved Capabilities & Features
  • Enhanced Mobile Management:

    iPhone users have long since been able to manage their Facebook pages on their phones, but the new Page layout has made it a cinch. You can now easily switch from Admin to Public view. This feature sticks to the top of the screen, meaning it can quickly change views no matter how far down the page you scroll.

  • Location is Brought Front and Center:

    Facebook understands that when people are using their phones to search for businesses, there is a great chance that they are looking for businesses in their area. Of mobile searches, 40% are local, meaning that users are trying to find places near them. Given this fact, Facebook has made the map and address more prominent, pulling them out of the tabs and allowing it to span the entire width of the screen right under the cover photo. Users may now get directions to your business from your Facebook Mobile Page with the tap of a screen. This is perfect for retail stores, restaurants and other local businesses that welcome walk-in traffic.

  • Standout Recommendations:

    Again, Facebook has proven its attractiveness for mobile search. With Graph Search they announced that friend likes, ratings and check-ins would factor into search results. They have built validation for these results into the new mobile Page layout by highlighting ratings, likes, check-ins and reviews directly under the map. Easy to find recommendations are highly likely to influence users who are considering your business on Facebook.

  • Highlighting Customer Engagement:

    Next in line is a feature called “Photos Taken Here,” which highlights photos taken by your customers at your business. Now before users even see a post from you they get a chance to see how other customers have engaged with your page, making your business appear more credible and relatable.

Strategies For Success
  • Take Stock Of Your Facebook Page:

    Review all of the information provided on your Facebook page. Is it correct? Fix any inconsistencies and ensure that all of your information is verified, especially your address!

  • Update Your Cover Photo: Any time Facebook makes a prominent change it’s a good idea to refresh your page with new imagery. Upload a fresh, seasonal cover photo to make the most of the new layout.
  • Pin Important Posts to the Top of Your Page:

    Pages have been able to pin important posts, such as offers, photos, videos, and promotions to the tops of their pages from their desktops. Now these posts will hold prime real estate on mobile Pages, ensuring that mobile users take notice.

  • Encourage Customers to Share Photos:

    Educate your customers on the new photo sharing feature. Let them know that when they upload photos and tag your business, their photos will appear on your page. In today’s social sharing world, your most loyal and social savvy customers will be more than happy to help out.

Only time will tell if the new mobile Page layout will boost Facebook engagement, but taking the steps above will certainly point your business in the right direction.

Need help modifying your business page for this new layout or thinking about re-evaluating your Facebook strategy? Contact us for a free consultation where we will guide you to the optimal solution.

3 responses to “Facebook Makes Over Mobile Pages”

  1. Clint says:

    Is there any way to remove the “Photos Taken Here” from your business page. It seems to have all sorts of inappropriate photos which are not good for business?

    • cweiss says:

      Hi Clint,

      Other business owners have had success removing these photos by taking the steps outlined below. Please let us know if this does the trick!

      1. Click Edit page up the top.
      2. Click Edit Settings.
      3. Click Basic Information on the right.
      4. Underneath the map there is a box that says “Show this map on the page”. Untick this box!
      5. Click “Save Changes” down the bottom.

      • Lee Watson says:

        This may work. The problem is that its stops checkins being shown on the page. I want approval over the pictures shown and be able to keep the check ins. Is there any way of doing this?

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