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2012 was a wonderful year for all of us here at The Technology Therapy Group. We had a milestone birthday – we turned 15. That’s right, the business I started my junior year at Hofstra University under a completely different name has morphed into the company we are today.

Milestones make you reflect, they make you look back and ask questions:

  • Who are we today?
  • Who were we, and why have we changed?
  • What have we accomplished?
  • Where do we want to be in the next 5 years?
  • How do we make this goal a reality?

Though I am not going to spill out all the answers to these questions here in this post, I do want to address a few questions: Who are we today and what do our customers look for in what we provide?

Who Are We?

Without getting overly philosophical, we are a “full-service digital marketing, design and development agency focused on building businesses.”

What Does That Mean?

Being a full-service agency means taking the time to understand your business – who you are, and who your customers are – before the work begins. We do this by asking you questions about your business goals and making sure your designs, your development and your marketing align with your objectives.

Full-service denotes taking our approach and combining it with a team that goes above and beyond. This means:

  • Reaching out to notify you of changes in technology that will affect your business and having a plan to help you make those changes.
  • Checking in after big events to ensure everything is running smoothly and providing a helping hand if you need one.
  • Working with other firms and teams on new projects and initiatives that will take your business to the next level.
  • Educating you on opportunities for growth in your digital marketing strategies as they relate to your business goals.
  • Providing you with a sounding board to discuss new ideas and explaining viability, budget and implementation needed to proceed.

Clients refer to us as their digital marketing coach, team and advisor. We call it Technology Therapy®.

Who We Are Not

In any business, identifying who you are is important, but you also need to be clear about who you are not.

We are not:

  • Freelancers: We are a team. Each project is worked on by individuals who specialize in their core competency; design, development, marketing and business ownership.
  • One-and-done: We look for small business, non-profits and mid-size firms that want to build a relationship. Organizations that need a team to understand, guide, and support them in the digital world.
  • Myopic: Though we can work on a single project, we like to understand the big picture, how it integrates into a plan, and the intended outcomes.

Our Mantras:

We believe in the power of marketing.

Our comprehensive approach integrates your brand identity and messaging at every online touch point, integrating design, copy and strategy for maximum results. Establishing and maintaining social media presences requires more than technological know-how. You have to have an understanding of how people act in all situations – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and how to handle those situations adeptly and with grace.


We believe in the power of design.

Language appeals to the logical mind, while images, color and design speak directly to the emotions. We use our visual understanding to create an online presence that connects you to your customer on multiple levels. Design enhances, augments, and amplifies your messaging so you’re more than heard – you’re remembered.


We believe in the power of design supported by technology.

We build great websites that work, combining the fundamentals of design with aesthetic acumen and an understanding of how users – your customers – are going to encounter and engage with your website. We integrate social media into your online presence to deliver a seamless, brand-building experience for the customer. We do it all on multiple platforms, so you look great everywhere your customer sees you.

We Do Our Best Work At The Point Where Marketing, Design and Technology Intersect.

The result is an online presence tailor-made to appeal to your target market, while simultaneously seamlessly supporting and strengthening your brand identity and your people.

If you like what we stand for, get to know us better – schedule a no-charge consultation!

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  1. Thanks for the free consultation. As I mentioned when we talked, I don’t have a functioning web site at this point, but I would love to work with you at some time in the near future based on the great direction you gave.

    All the best.

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