Five Must Have Social Media Images


Social media is a visual medium. Video content gets the highest level of engagement – our eyes can’t resist the appeal of moving pictures, even if we’ve got the sound off – followed by imagery. Not all images are created equal. There are certain universal themes that are almost always appealing, and you want to make sure they make regular appearances in your social media marketing. Make sure to match the image to the platform – Instagram is the ideal spot for high-concept arty shots, while Facebook imagery can be more cut and dried. With that in mind, have fun creating the following:

Comparison Shots:

Take side by side images of two popular products, so customers can see how they compare. How do the boot cut jeans look compared to the skinny jeans? This idea works in every industry – side by side comparison images get just as much engagement in the heavy equipment world as in fashion and apparel.

Before and After:

If you do any type of cosmetic, repair, restoration, or renovation work, document each and every project with photos. Customers love seeing the before and after. Show the two images side by side – the rough before and the gorgeous after is a stunning demonstration of your expertise.

Pride Projects:

Has your team really knocked it out of the park with a superior build, a stunning piece of custom work, or a one-of-a-kind special order? Let the world know. For added engagement, get a pic of the customer and the story behind the project.

Product Porn:

While the word “porn” has a definitely adult meaning, it’s steadily being co-opted to refer to gorgeous images of highly desirable products. Using lush images of your most impressive inventory gives your customers something to desire – and share on their Pinterest boards. Pro tip: posts with pricing information get shared more on Pinterest than on any other platform. Good to know if you’re in jewelry, DIY, or the craft industry.

The Action Shot:

Pictures that show people using your product in the real world are very highly appealing. Look for opportunities to showcase enjoyment, whether it’s hungry diners digging in at your restaurant or a happy teen taking the four-wheeler through a huge puddle: your customers will enjoy these images because they evoke emotions they want to experience for themselves.

Five Must Have Social Media Images
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Five Must Have Social Media Images
Boost your social media marketing by snapping & sharing these 5 types of images of your product or service.

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