Friday Feature: TTG & CHBA


Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association wanted a better way to build awareness about their services and position themselves as a go-to resource to the local Christian Science community and nationwide. They felt that their pre-existing website was difficult to navigate and did not provide a useful outlet to effectively disseminate the information that the Christian Science community was looking for. Thus began their relationship with the Technology Therapy Group.

Who They Are

Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association (CHBA) is a non-profit organization catering to the Christian Science community providing Christian Science nursing services as well as a refuge for Christian Scientists in the Greater Boston area.

Laying the Foundation

TTG worked with Janiva Toler, CHBA’s executive director, and the rest of her staff led by Paul Woodsum to design a website that better reflected who they are and the services they provide to their community. TTG helped them build a new website that was easier to follow, pushing their four main services to the forefront of the website as the main navigation items. In addition to being an informative resource about their services, the website is also a hub of information on events at CHBA and the local area, the latest health care news, as well as important materials and resources for Christian Scientists.

One of the major points that TTG is constantly trying to push home with our clients is that a website is not meant to be a static, never-changing platform, and CHBA embraced this lesson with open arms. They are constantly adding fresh content, building new sections and expanding on existing areas to ensure that their website is as dynamic as their flourishing organization.

Continuing Education

As website development and content marketing were all new areas to CHBA prior to working with TTG, Jennifer began holding monthly meetings with Janiva and her staff to help guide them through their ongoing projects, as well as serve as a sounding board for new ideas.

Most recently, Jennifer has consulted on issues related to what to look for when hiring for marketing positions, brainstorming ideas for upcoming webinars and best practices for using the latest social media platforms. The rest of the TTG staff helps support CHBA’s activities, compiling a monthly eblast and providing training to new members of their team.

Embracing Innovation


Since working with TTG, the members of CHBA’s staff have acquired skills they never dreamed they would have. Janiva quickly became a social media maven, keeping CHBA on the map in the social sphere and constantly wanting to expand her skills to new platforms. The rest of the staff is also hungry to take the organization to new and innovative places, navigating through the back-end of their website now with only minimal guidance from TTG. Additionally, they’re experimenting with webinars, videos, and other opportunities to spread the word about their organization.

CHBA is a prime example of an organization that defines TTG’s mission to educate small businesses, in this case a great non-profit, so that they can take their new skills, apply them to their needs and watch as their organization finds success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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