Friday Feature: TTG & CTNY Limo

Who They Are

CTNY Limo is a car service company located in Greenwich, CT that serves both corporate and leisure clients. CTNY Limo serves the tri-state area, focusing on Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY. In addition to providing car services for corporate and leisure meetings and events, CTNY Limo provides airport transportation to all major area airports.

Defining Goals

CTNY Limo initially came to us as Avanti Millennium Limousine. Unfortunately, there was another limo and car service company in their area with a remarkably similar name, causing confusion with both current and potential clients. The number one goal for CTNY Limo, then Avanti Millennium Limousine, was to distinguish themselves from this competitor and use the web to increase their business. This involved completely rebranding the company, including a new name, logo, and website.

When we asked Helen, the owner of CTNY Limo, what she wanted to accomplish with the new brand, aside from setting the company apart from the competition, her answer was two-fold. First, she wanted something that would be easy for her clients and potential clients to remember. Second, she knew that, in our digital age, the new name had to be search engine friendly. And as luck would have it Helen had the foresight to buy the domain name


Creating the Vision

Eureka! The web domain was a great idea for a new name and it was a smart name for search. Now we needed to create a new logo, website and strategy for marketing this great business to the local community.

We kept the logo simple with block lettering in professional gold and black hues. These colors were incorporated throughout the site for consistency. With additional input from Helen, we decided on the navigation items, developed the copy with a few rounds of revisions, and chose photos to use throughout the site.

Site Features
  • Services Breakdown:

    CTNY Limo has two client bases: corporate and leisure clients. As they each look to hire a car service for very different reasons, we knew that they both had to be included in the main navigation. Under each, we added a drop down regarding airport service, as general car service drop off and pick up times vary from airport service drop off and pick up.

  • Testimonials:

    Helen greatly appreciates her customers and highly valued a testimonials section in which she could share their kind words. Thus, Testimonials was added to the main navigation.

  • Blog:

    SEO was a top priority for CTNY Limo, so we made sure to include a blog in which the company could post regular fresh content.


Best Practices
  • Consistent Marketing & Branding:

    From the website, to business cards, to social media platforms, we insured that the branding was consistent across all marketing channels. Ensuring that CTNY Limo replaced Avanti Millennium Limousine in all aspects of the business, including any online listings under the previous name, was key to the launch of the new brand.

  • Frequent Posting Schedule:

    We stressed the importance of a frequent posting scheduled to Helen, including both fresh content on the website and optimized posts on social media. Understanding the time commitment involved in a comprehensive SEO and social media strategy, Helen chose to have us continue with her monthly marketing.

Moving Forward

As we continue to carry out CTNY Limo’s monthly marketing, including adding fresh content to the website and building links on a weekly basis and regular posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, we work with Helen to develop new and original marketing campaigns to differentiate her business from other local providers. Yelp has proven to be an especially powerful tool for CTNY Limo. Advertising with Yelp has been a winning strategy for CTNY Limo, improving their ranking in Yelp search results, increasing the number of calls and visits to the website coming from Yelp and maintaining a five star rating.

Stop by and visit and let us know what you think. If you’d like to be one of our next small business feature Friday’s let us know by reaching out for a consultation.

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