Gamer Girls…They’re Everywhere


When you hear the word “gamer” what do you think of? The stereotypical image of gamers is that they’re overwhelming male. That stereotypical image is wrong, according to recent research by the Jun Group. 60% of female survey respondents reported playing they are mobile games on a daily basis, compared to less than half of males. More than a third of female respondents stated that games were the favorite apps they had on their smartphone.

Understanding Games’ Appeal to Women

Everyone plays games. Gen X was the first generation to experience digital gaming. Millennials played an average 8 -9,000 hours of video games over the course of their childhood, and 73% of Gen Z self identifies as gamers. Female respondents to the Jun Group survey said they enjoyed games because they’re relaxing, a way to pass the time, and fun.

There are several different types of digital games. Candy Crush – hands down the most popular gameplay app – is an example of a puzzle game. Action, strategy, and fantasy sports games also have legions of fans. In the research, women were far more likely to include games in an essential top ten apps list than men were.

Games in Retail: Consider the Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are a form of game – specifically, a strategy game. By planning purchases carefully and following any other conditions the retailer sets, shoppers play by earning perks and bonuses. It’s important to consider the relationship building aspect of loyalty programs: shoppers will return more often and buy more from brands when they’re deep into the game of accumulating points and earning rewards. 68% of women say getting rewards from a loyalty program makes them stay longer.

Coincidence? We think not.

Gamer Girls…They’re Everywhere
Article Name
Gamer Girls…They’re Everywhere
Female gamers should be targeted. 68% of women say getting rewards from loyalty programs makes them stay longer. Coincidence? We think not!

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