Get The Details on Just Released Facebook Profile Changes


Monday May 13th, somewhere around three o’clock in the afternoon, Facebook surprised me with an update on my personal profile. If you like surprises, then this change shouldn’t bother you, but if you’re like many Facebook users, the sudden release of updates can be frustrating. Here’s a quick video to show you the details of the new Facebook Profile and a few items to take note of as you review your page.

Layout & Sections:

Facebook moved things around a bit. The items that were across the top are now stacked below the cover on the left side of the timeline. The left column now has a stack of your sections. You can edit this by clicking the edit button in the top right corner of the section. However,there are three sections that you cannot turn off: About, Photos and Friends. The remainder of the sections will vary based on what you have connected to your Facebook and what Facebook apps you have installed.

Setting Changes:

Most often when Facebook rolls out updates, the updates can relate to setting and security items. Be sure to go into your timeline settings, section settings and general privacy area and review the details.


Remember that Facebook will be rolling out the updated News Feed layout soon, as well as Graph Search if you do not have it already. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on changes on Facebook and other social media platforms.

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