Getting Physical: Supporting Your Digital Presence in Your Physical Location


Social media was created to support your brick-and-mortar business in the digital realm, but in a time when the lines are blurred between the physical and digital, you must boost your social media presence in your physical location as well. Supplying reminders while your business is fresh on your customers’ minds – and how much fresher could you be than when they are in your store or restaurant – helps ensure that they seek out your business on social media. In order to make the most of these reminders, you must be strategic as you deploy them.

  • Consider the Optimal Platform:

    You don’t want to risk overwhelming your customers with too many reminders. Choose your best performing platform or the one that will best allow your customers to promote most heavily. While subtle notices can be posted for all of your platforms, only the top deserves prominent placement. For example, JoAnn Fabrics places cards on their shelves at eye level letting their shoppers know that they can find project ideas on their Pinterest page with a QR code leading directly to the page. Pinterest provides the best support for their customers – offering images, inspiration and links to craft projects.

  • Perfect Placement:

    These hints should be placed in areas of your store that receive a lot of traffic or in places where your customers have to look. For instance, restaurants may consider adding their social icons to the bottom of their menus, with a special call out for Instagram or Foursquare asking customers to post pictures of their meals or to check-in to your location. Clothing stores can place invitations to follow their businesses on Pinterest for outfit ideas around the mirrors in their dressing rooms. Jewelry stores can invite casual shoppers to try on rings virtually with The Vow app by placing a sign on the engagement ring cases.

  • Give Them a Reason:

    It’s not enough to simply let your customers know where to find you; you have to give them a reason to reach out! Let them know what they can expect to find on the platform you’ve chosen to promote. Do you post your monthly specials to Facebook prior to adding them to your website or sending them to your mailing list? Are sneak peeks of new merchandise posted to Instagram before they hit the sales floor? Can customers find unique facts and content by following you on Twitter? These are all reasons that compel your customers to take the next step!

Remember that social media is not a one-way street; it is not enough to hope that your social platforms drive traffic to your brick-and-mortar business. Instead, you must think of these two aspects of your business as a rotary; they each feed into the cycle and lead your customers to one another. Need support creating a compelling social presence or developing a strategy for seamlessly combining your online and offline marketing? We’re here to help! Reach out for a free consultation today

Getting Physical: Supporting Your Digital Presence in Your Physical Location
Article Name
Getting Physical: Supporting Your Digital Presence in Your Physical Location
Social media is more like a rotary than a one way street. Learn how you can support your social presence in your physical location.

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