Give Your Digital Marketing a Good Spring Cleaning


Spring is a transitional period for all of us; a time to get rid of our clutter, clear away the cobwebs and dust that might have built up during our winter doldrums and start fresh. But this concept doesn’t just apply to your home; now is the perfect time to review your digital marketing, pull out the “clutter” – tactics and content that aren’t working – and add in new strategies to refresh your customers’ interest.

A Digital Marketing Spring Cleaning Guide

  • Website:

    Set aside some time this spring to review your website with new eyes. How long have the images been there? Is there something more seasonal or attention grabbing that you could swap in instead? What about your headlines? Consider rewriting a few headlines and calls to action to stand out to even those users who’ve visited your site frequently. When making these revisions, consult your analytics. Are there important pages people just aren’t visiting? Make sure to add striking CTAs linking to those pages on ones that people are visiting. Each headline and call to action should have a purpose – guiding your customers to the information that they need. Be sure to look at your site on your phone and tablet as well. Is it user friendly for those on mobile devices? If not, it’s time to seriously consider a redesign in favor of a responsive website.

  • SEO:

    If you’ve been using the same list of keywords for years, now is the time to reassess these phrases and determine if they are still a good fit. Look to your Google Webmaster tools to help determine if these are still performing for your business. If you’re in a good position and getting a fair amount of impressions, but no one’s clicking on your pages in the search results, you’ll want to do a little more research. Perform a standard search in Google to see what other pages are appearing. If they are drastically different than your business, you should begin looking for different terms. Also consult Google Trends to see if the overall search volume for your keywords has decreased. If this is the case, do some research on similar, but not exact, terms. It could be that the vernacular has changed, and you want your copy to reflect that!

  • Social Media:

    Next, review your social media platforms. Ensure that all of your cover photos and imagery are seasonally appropriate and consider adding a CTA. Look through the content you’ve posted in the last few months. Do you see any trends? For instance, are posts with photos being liked, commented on, and shared more than those without images? Reviewing your content can reveal what’s working and what is simply clutter, allowing you to readjust your strategy for more effective content.

  • Email Marketing:

    Finally, pull up the last five or six eblasts you sent. Did some get more opens than others? More clicks? Make note of this and adjust your subject lines, designs, and copy for future blasts to be in line with the most effective campaigns.

If you’re like us, you have a spring cleaning list of tasks you’d like to accomplish before summer hits and then you have the list of things that you can realistically achieve before it’s time to hit the beach. Let’s be real, though I’ll probably weed through my clothing and donate items I didn’t wear all winter, the chances of me washing all of the draperies in my house and vacuuming behind the fridge are slim to none.

That’s why we’re here; just as you enlist the help of a cleaning service to tackle those tasks you simply don’t have the time to do, you can consult with a digital marketing team to aid in your spring cleanup! Ready to get started? Contact us today!

Give Your Digital Marketing a Good Spring Cleaning
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Give Your Digital Marketing a Good Spring Cleaning
You've created you spring cleaning plan for your home, but what about your digital marketing? Get started with this guide.

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