Google Analytics Part of Your Weekly Website Spot Check


The last item in our weekly spot check list is to review your Google Analytics. Google’s Analytics application can be a great benefit for small business when reviewed weekly. By looking at your Analytics on a regular basis, you’ll be able to identify concerns quickly before they become larger problem. Reviewing your Analytics each week will also allow you to see if you are under utilizing the tools they provide. Below are the three areas that you should pay special attention to during your review.

General Review

Take a few minutes each week to review the audience overview of your Analytics. This feature shows you unique visits, page views and average visit duration. Make it a point to compare week over week or month over month to see if there are any inconsistencies or if you may be missing spikes due to a targeted campaign or major push.

Content & Events

This area of Analytics allows you to review many features within your website: site content, speed and events. One of my favorite features is the events section. If set-up correctly, this is where you will be able to see your outbound traffic. This will help you see where people are going as they exit your website. Reviewing the pages people spend time on under site content and how much time they spend will allow you to see if new additions or changes to your website have been a help or hindrance.

Conversion Tracking

This is a tool that Google Analytics provides to allow businesses to track users’ activity as they go through a certain path on your website. The best use of this tool is tracking activity to a goal-oriented process. For example, we have conversions set-up for the “Thank You” page on web forms. This will show you the number of people who converted, i.e. filled out the form, and where they came from. Reviewing your conversion tracking will help you see if there is a problem with a form on your website. Comparing week to week will help you identify peaks and valleys and adjust your tactics accordingly.

These tools are not all Google Analytics has to offer. We could spend much more than just 20 minutes a week review our Analytics, but for the purpose of keeping your website up and running these are the three areas you should set aside time to review each week.

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