Is Google Glass A Flop? Do You Need To Care?


Have you been eager to get your hands on the new Google Glass? You might want to keep your money in your pocket, according to this article in the National Journal. Being an early adopter doesn’t always pay off. The first people to own the Glass find the experience decidedly underwhelming, as the device offers limited functionality and has the expected beta-stage bugs.

However, that doesn’t mean that business owners need to stop thinking about how their businesses will look when viewed through Google Glass. We’re well on the way to an almost-entirely mobile messaging environment; the next logical step in that journey will be the presentation of content on wearable platforms.

Google Glass may not be perfect, but it is giving us a real glimpse into the way human beings prioritize information. Display space is at a premium in the extremely abbreviated platform. We need to start thinking now about how we’ll be communicating the maximum amount of brand messaging in a minimal space as efficiently as possible.

For example, consider your logo and how it is currently integrated into your digital marketing. You may be using your logo as your profile image, for example, or feature it regularly in your postings. But would your logo be distinct when limited to a text-only presentation? That may be the only option available in the wearable device era. The ability to manipulate color and font effectively becomes increasingly important as display space shrinks.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because Google Glass didn’t come soaring out of the gate that the transition to wearable platforms will be postponed indefinitely. To steal a line from Mark Twain, the report of Glass’ death are greatly exaggerated. In the world of tech, not working perfectly doesn’t mean will never work at all – and the pressure of having their product in the harsh public spotlight may influence Google to refine their design even more quickly than they otherwise would.

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Is Google Glass A Flop? Do You Need To Care?
Article Name
Is Google Glass A Flop? Do You Need To Care?
Google Glass might still have a few bugs, but that doesn't mean it's too early to start thinking about how it and other wearable tech will impact your business.

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