Google+ Updates Go Responsive


Over the past few months, Google has been shall we say “motivating” people to sign-up for Google+. The platform has been adding new features and enhancing old ones. Last week Google+ rolled out their newest updates to users.

New Layout:

Google is not fooling around when it comes to leveraging responsive design. Your profile will now show a 3-column layout if your screen is large enough to support it. The goal behind this new look is to give users the ability to see more information. The new layout takes the navigation from below the cover photo to the top of your screen. The benefit to this layout change is that as you scroll down the page, the navigation will stay attached to the top of the screen so you can jump around at any time. Your side navigation now collapses and expands, as you need it. You may also notice that there are new features on this left navigation.

Enhanced Home Stream:

The home stream, or what would be referred to in Facebook Terms as the feed, also has a new 3-column layout making it feel a bit more like Pinterest to me. However, the enhanced layout does make it easier to review posts so you can engage with people in your circles.


You may have noticed a new button that popped up over the past few weeks called Communities. These are like groups or gatherings of Google+ users based on a common topic. Finding and joining communities may be just what you need to keep you motivated to use Google+ with more frequency.

Don’t Forget Google+ has Business Pages

This may not be a new feature, but I wanted to make sure everyone was aware that Google+ has business pages. You will need a regular Google+ account of your own to launch a business page.

These types of pages are great for businesses looking for exposure on Google. Your Google+ should be linked to your website and then validated on Google+.

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