Great Visuals Sell – But Where Do You Get Great Visuals?


In a world where you’re connecting with your customers through social media and your website, strong, compelling, interesting visuals are essential. People pay more attention to pictures than they do to text, especially in the initial stages of any brand relationship. Photos, logos, and other graphics convey vital information about your company quickly and succinctly – a vital consideration when the average American’s attention span is 8 seconds.

Most business owners understand this, on an almost intuitive level. When you look at the world’s strongest brands, it’s easy to see how adeptly they use color, logos, and pictures of every sort to promote themselves. But when we try to create these visuals for our own businesses – well, it turns out that it’s really not that easy to do.

Here’s the challenge: A lot of people who have amazing artistic skills have no understanding of marketing whatsoever. Creating compelling visuals requires understanding what it takes to attract customer attention and convert that interest into sales.

As business owners, we may or may not have the artistic ability or marketing acumen – but what we definitely do not have is time. Image creation is a time consuming process: even a simple infographic (one of the most popular visual marketing tools of the moment) can take days to put together if you don’t know how to do it.

The answer – and this is how the big brands do it! – is delegating image creation to a team that understands both marketing and artistry. This team should focus on understanding your customer, what drives their purchasing decisions, and what will motivate them to take action. Using their artistic skills, they can then produce powerful sales pieces like:


These images can be put to use many ways. You maximize your investment in images when you share them on your website, via social media, and even in print. If you don’t have great visuals, you’re not going to be successful marketing your business. It’s as simple as that.

Make the most of your time and marketing dollars by choosing a team with a proven track record of producing visuals that sell. We’d be happy to show you what we’ve done, and how well it’s worked for business owners just like you. Schedule your no-obligation consultation today!

Visual Marketing: Creating Great Visuals That Sell!
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Visual Marketing: Creating Great Visuals That Sell!
Big brands make visual marketing look easy, but it's more difficult than it looks. The answer: working with a full service digital marketing agency!

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