Happy Thanksgiving!


The Technology Therapy Group would like to wish you the very happiest of Thanksgivings! May your day be full of celebration, joy, and laughter. Also, pumpkin pie!

Thanksgiving is a time to recognize those things we’re grateful for. We’d like to take the opportunity to do this now. This year has been a formative one for our agency. We’ve grown, and we’ve learned lots of valuable lessons along the way. Your support and enthusiasm has made the journey worth taking – thank you for being there.

Over the course of the year, practically every social media platform has evolved to include a way to drive direct sales from customers – if those features aren’t fully in place yet, they’re coming – and we’ve really enjoyed integrating them into our clients’ marketing mix. The fearless and forward-thinking way our clients have embraced new sales opportunities is inspiring: thank you for your example.

We’re looking forward to a busy holiday season. The emphasis on mobile marketing techniques will continue to be a large part of what we do. Customers are using their phones throughout the shopping process, researching purchases both in advance and while they’re in your store. Beacon technology can send compelling offers to potential customers as they walk by your front door. This is an exciting time to be in business, and we’re thrilled you’re sharing your adventure with us.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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Happy Thanksgiving!
This Thanksgiving, our digital marketing agency is thankful for the advances in technology that have made marketing our clients much easier!

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