Have You Told Your Designer’s Story?


Style.com has a great story running right now about four fashion models who have become jewelry designers. It’s always important to remember that jewelry sales has always been about storytelling, whether it’s the tale of how gorgeous your customer will feel when she’s wearing your ring or the backstory that details how a particular design has come into being.

We know that satisfying today’s customer means generating a steady stream of engaging content. One successful approach to creating that content is to put your designer in the spotlight. Today’s customer has a demonstrated hunger for origin stories – everyone wants to know how one gets into the jewelry design business, particularly if there’s a specific creative impetus or major life event that started the career journey. They also want to be able to peek behind the scenes – what kind of a lifestyle does a jewelry designer truly live; what types of events, music, and fashions do they enjoy?

Every designer will have their own comfort level about how much of their personal story they’d like to share with the world. Some designers are of the social media generation and have no problem sharing everything from their latest inspiration to a photo of what they had for lunch that day. Others are much more reclusive. Your job, as a brand manager, is to find a balancing point that helps you connect with as many brand fans as possible while honoring your designer’s need for privacy.

Consider the following options. In addition to the origin story, you could have your designer talk about what inspired a particular collection or piece of jewelry. Many designers are inspired by travel. Is there somewhere they’ve been, or would like to go, that has been reflected in their work? Another conversation many designers are comfortable having centers around the people who have influenced their work, whether that’s in the fashion or fine art world.

Using these themes, you can create blog posts, social media posts, and even videos to share with your fans. This material is also great support material for your partner retailers to share with their customers.

Have You Told Your Designer’s Story?
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Have You Told Your Designer’s Story?
Remember: Jewelry sales is all about story telling. Have you told the story behind your designs yet?

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