Help Your Partner Retailers with a Back to School Boost


Back to school season is on the horizon, and that means you’ve got an opportunity to help your partner retailers connect with the legions of Back to School shoppers. The back to school season has become a major shopping event in its own right, with numbers that stack up nicely against the traditional winter holiday season.

The impact of Back to School season extends beyond the categories you might expect, such as school supplies and dorm furniture. There’s definitely space for the savvy jewelry brand to capitalize on the shopping excitement – and with a smart strategy, you can create a plan that boosts your partner retailer’s sales as well.

Now is the time to start thinking about what you’d like to offer your customers during Back to School season. If your brand has customizable pieces, such as charms or pendants, that could tie into the theme, these would be natural items to focus on. Teachers and parents are both impacted by Back to School – perhaps a campaign to address one or both of these groups would fit in with your brand’s messaging.

No matter what you decide, your partner retailers will need collateral material to participate. Social media graphics, copy for their website, landing pages, signage files and other assets are all incredibly helpful. Providing your partner retailer with these can help them easily increase their sales. Consider offering co-op dollars for targeted social media advertising. Make sure to include campaign start and end dates, so all of your participating retailers are on the same page. Finally, include all participating retailers on your website, so customers who want to take advantage of the Back to School specials can find their local store easily!

Help Your Partner Retailers with a Back to School Boost
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Help Your Partner Retailers with a Back to School Boost

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