How Does Your Website Look On Your Customer’s Smartphone?


As a jewelry retailer, your website is the heart of your business. It’s where potential customers look to discover the full range of your offerings, including your custom work, designer brands, and services, such as repairs and engraving. For those of you who offer e-commerce, your website is also where your customers go to shop.

More than 60% of all web traffic occurs via a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. That’s why it’s very important that you know what your website looks like, and how well it functions, on mobile device’s smaller screens.

There are two ways you can do this. The first is to check your website on your own mobile devices, and then ask your friends or colleagues who have a different set of mobile devices to check out your website and see how well it performs for them.

The second is to visit Google’s Mobile Friendly Tool and enter your web domain in the search box. Google is giving site owners the opportunity to test exactly how mobile friendly their websites are. It’s free and fast.
A few moments after you enter your website, Google will provide you with a report that details how mobile friendly your site is. If your site is mobile friendly, great! If it’s not, Google identifies the problem areas, which can include items such as the text is too small, links are too close together, or the fact that your mobile viewport is not set.

Knowing what’s wrong with your site is a great starting point, but Google delivers even more value in their report. They recommend solutions to fix your issues, divided into two categories. One set of recommendations is designed for web developers – if you’ve built your own site, this is for you! The other set of recommendations spells out, in easy to understand language, what you need to say to your web developer to have them bring your site up to speed.

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How Does Your Website Look On Your Customer’s Smartphone?
Article Name
How Does Your Website Look On Your Customer’s Smartphone?
60% of web traffic occurs on mobile devices. Is your Jewelry retail website displaying and functioning at its best on these platforms?

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