Hype on the Vine


Last October Twitter acquired a short-video taking app now known as Vine. The app was finally released in the Apple App Store in January and it recently exploded, topping the US charts for free apps. Much like Twitter, Vine forces brevity on its users, limiting them to just 6 seconds of total video time, though the videos do loop continuously. Let’s take a look at how this noteworthy new app works and learn if it’s right for your business.

How Vine Works

Once you download the app on your iPhone or iPod touch (sorry Android, Blackberry & Windows Phone users, Twitter’s still adapting Vine for other platforms) you will be prompted to either sign in with Twitter or to sign up with an email address.

After you sign in, you can immediately start creating short looping videos. Click the video icon on the top right of the app and a preview screen will appear. Simply press on the screen to start recording and then let go to stop. Repeat the process until you’ve filled your allotted 6 seconds.Upon completion, you will be prompted to add a caption and post your video to Vine. Use relevant hashtags in your description to help interested users find your video. You can also choose to post your video to Twitter and/or Facebook. Currently, you have to post to Vine regardless of where else you’d like to share it.

Who Should Use Vine?

As with all marketing tools, Vine is not a one size fits all application. Below are the industries that we see working best with Vine.

  • Restaurants:

    This is a perfect fit for restaurants, as guests have a newfound interest in knowing how their dishes are made. Record a dish as it’s assembled, from the pan to the plate.

  • Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists:

    Record a look you’re creating, depicting the transformation from start to finish. Much better than before and after pictures!

  • Fashion:

    Showcase an outfit from head to toe with a 360 recording or show your customers how they can wear a piece several different ways.

  • Pet Care:

    Everyone loves a good animal video! Engage with your customers by taking short videos of pets eating your food or playing with your pet toys. Ask them to share Vine videos of their pets with your products too!

  • Instructors:

    Whether you’re a Karate instructor, personal trainer, guitar teacher, or college professor, Vine is a great way to depict a short step-by-step process or movement. Just remember, you only have 6 seconds, so stick to the basics!

  • Want to incorporate Vine into your social media strategy, but not sure how to get started? Contact us for a 20 minute consultation to discuss your options. Already using Vine for your business? Share your short videos with us! We’d love to see them.

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