Imagine How Instant Video Can Change Customer Service


Last month, Facebook added Instant Video capabilities to their Messenger app. It’s exactly what you’d expect: you can broadcast live video specifically to the person you’re messaging. It’s very similar to Skype, which is one of Facebook’s biggest competitors in the messaging space. Retailers and other business owners should be thinking about the role instant video has as a customer service tool.

Customers are increasingly comfortable using messaging apps to communicate with brands. Facebook has rolled out a number of bots to automate some basic parts of the customer service experience: things like confirming your physical or web address, hours of operation, and even some simple sales. Those bots can only do so much: effective customer service and sales will always require some degree of human to human interaction. That’s where live video comes in.

Live video gives you an opportunity to demonstrate who you are and what your brand is all about. It’s an ideal platform for answering questions about what a product looks like, or how it works. Additionally, live video is fantastic for providing instructions or clarifying areas of confusion.

Sometimes customer service conversations can get really heated, especially if a customer is upset about something that didn’t go the way they’d anticipated. Customer service experts have found that face to face contact with a customer service representative can reduce customer’s anxiety and stress levels tremendously. This makes sense: so much of communication is non-verbal. Live video allows the customer to see the representative’s facial expression and body posture, which can make it easier for them to know their concerns are being heard and will be addressed appropriately. Of course, it is a good idea to make sure your team is trained and prepared to present themselves in a professional fashion on video chat before you start using Live Video in this way!

People feel a stronger, deeper connection to brands they engage with on a one-to-one basis. Using Live Video can help your customer service team establish and strengthen the bond between your company and your customers. Consider how you’ll start using Live Video today.

Learn the benefits of using instant video as a tool to improve your customer service.

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