Is Instagram the Next Great Storytelling Medium for Small Business?


In the ever-changing world of social media, one of the fastest-growing platforms ever – Instagram – is starting a transformation that could have a tremendous impact on the way you market your products and services.

The legacy sneaker brand Adidas has partnered with Champs Sports, a subsidiary of Foot Locker, to create AdicolorTV, an Instagram-only video series featuring pro athletes like DeMarco Murray, Von Williams, and the Redskins’ quarterback Robert Griffin III as well as music stars like Lil Wayne. The series of 25 15-second video shows launched on July 18th and already accounts for more than 65% of the traffic coming to Champs Sports’ Instagram account.

Some important things to take note of here: Instagram is widely popular among high school students and young adults, who constitute the lion’s share of Adidas’ and Champs Sports’ target market. The content being featured on AdicolorTV is satirical in nature, poking fun of the other media consumed or encountered by this marketplace, including ESPN and QVC programming. The 15 second video length is more than double the time available on Vine, allowing for more complex storytelling; the episodic nature of the series keeps teens coming back for more laughs.

All in all, it’s a beautiful campaign. The social media platform used is the one favored by the target market, featuring lifestyle content in an appealingly humorous manner, structured in such a way as to encourage both repeated consumption and sharing with friends.

If you share a target market with Adidas and Champs Sports, AdicolorTV has just become must-see TV. If your markets don’t overlap, the fundamentals are still worth observing and admiring. Once again we see how the deep understanding of who your customers are and what they enjoy becomes the pivotal platform successful campaigns are built upon. The choice to use Instagram as the messaging vehicle of choice is one other brands will surely make going forward, especially if this approach bears fruit for Adidas and Champs Sports.

Trying to figure out how Instagram fits into your marketing mix? Give us a call. We’re experienced marketing strategists who specialize in connecting your business with your customers on their favorite platforms with the messaging they want to see & share!

Is Instagram the Next Great Storytelling Medium for Small Business?
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Is Instagram the Next Great Storytelling Medium for Small Business?
With the amazing things businesses are doing with Instagram these days, if this platform isn't in your social strategy, it's time to reconsider.

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