Intimidation Isn’t Permanent


Here at The Technology Therapy Group, we spend a lot of time talking about the technological aspects of running your business. But today we’re going to put on our therapist hats, and talk about one of the main reasons business owners don’t make use of a powerful growth tool they already have at their disposal: data.

The reason a lot of business owners don’t make full use of their data is that they’re scared of it. The sight of reports full of numbers, charts and graphs can be very intimidating. There are many people who associate statistical information of every sort with their horrible high school math class experience, leading them to nope right out of examining Google website analytics and social media metrics reports.

Saying “No Thank You” is not the only answer to feeling intimidated. Intimidation isn’t a permanent state. Instead, the experience of intimidation is an emotional response that can have a limited duration. As you become familiar with business data, and you learn how to make use of tools that make understanding data easier, the emotional response of intimidation is steadily replaced with feelings of confidence and competence.

There are two benefits to this process. The first is personal: on an emotional level, confidence and competence are much more enjoyable to experience than intimidation. Learning that you have the ability to not be intimidated by data can open the door to not being intimidated by other types of information that you may encounter as a business owner. It’s an empowering process.

The second benefit is that making use of the data you have available to you enables you to make better, more strategic business decisions. Having objective, accurate information on what interests your customers, how they decide what to purchase and what to take out of their shopping carts, and what causes them to stay on or leave your website is hugely valuable. You’ll learn how to better focus your efforts and be able to address any operational snafus that are keeping your company from reaching its fullest potential.

Lenny Wilkens is a remarkable basketball player and coach. He even coached the 1996 Olympic team to gold. His words on feeling like you might not be up to the challenge are valuable to today’s business owners. “Intimidation doesn’t last very long.” With the right tools and support, you can learn how to make the most out of your business data and grow your company. Don’t let anything stand in your way!

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Intimidation Isn’t Permanent
Beating the intimidation factor data holds against you can help you build confidence and better business decisions.
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