It’s Mobile’s Moment: Is Your Business Ready?


Last year, web traffic on mobile devices exceeded traffic on desktop computers for the first time ever. Now that threshold has been crossed, and there’s no looking back. Mobile devices are many consumers’ primary way to access the internet. This means there’s been a fundamental change in the way people research, make and review their purchases.

Google Prioritizes Mobile Friendly Sites in Search Results

Google has been letting the world know for quite a while that it will be prioritizing mobile friendly sites over non-mobile friendly sites in search results. This policy has been rolled out at a very slow rate, but the impact is starting to be felt across all industries. Especially hard hit are those businesses that depend on local-search queries to generate in-store traffic: if you’re a restaurant, retailer, or have a business in a destination city, having a mobile friendly site is essential to showing up on the first page of search results.

Buy Buttons Are Everywhere & Shoppers Are Using Them

Facebook, Pinterest and other social media sites have introduced Buy Buttons, allowing users to make purchases easily without ever once having to leave their favorite social media platform. It’s no longer a necessity to visit your business’ website to make a purchase, and before long, there will be customers who will no longer want to. The time is now to start thinking about how you’re going to integrate Buy Buttons into your marketing strategy. We know that a significant amount of last year’s holiday shopping took place on mobile devices. Before the holidays roll around again, you want to be ready.

Video Matters, A Lot!

Reading text on a mobile device can be tricky, while watching a video is a snap. Be aware that mobile device users demonstrate a strong preference for vertically oriented video – they like to be able to watch without having to turn their device. Video content accounted for 55% of mobile data usage in 2014, and many experts believe that number is much higher today. Get comfortable producing and sharing video content: your business needs it to stay relevant in today’s mobile centric world.

It’s Mobile’s Moment: Is Your Business Ready?
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It’s Mobile’s Moment: Is Your Business Ready?
If you haven't made your small business's website mobile yet, not is the time, before you get left behind.

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