Is Your Facebook Reach Making You Furious? Here’s What To Do About It


If your Facebook reach has been floundering, we’ve got some good news: it’s not just you. Facebook has made several changes that significantly diminish the organic reach of posted content. Forbes is reporting that content reach has dropped by nearly 10% over the course of the last two years. Big brands are seeing this drop too, to a smaller degree; in the same report, brands with over half a million likes are only saw a 2% decrease in reach.

Facebook, which is ultimately a business, is limiting the organic reach of content in part to motivate companies to purchase advertising. And social media advertising does have a role to play in most company’s marketing mix. However, if you’re interested in increasing your organic reach, here’s what you can do:

Post More Video

I know, I know – creating, editing and posting video is not your favorite thing in the world. However, video content enjoys the greatest reach on all social media platforms. Videos don’t need to look like major Hollywood productions to be effective marketing tools: short and simple is the way to go. Learn how to create simple videos, or tap one of your tech-savvy team members to take on this role. Ideally, you want a new video appearing on social media at least weekly. It’s important to upload the video directly to Facebook for best results, rather than sending your visitors to YouTube.

Increase the Number of Links

Posts with links enjoy greater reach than posts without links. For best results, use links strategically. It’s good to link to your own website, but additionally, you want to share the love by posting links to local events relevant to your customer base, or other fun content. Links that are newsworthy or put a smile on someone’s face are the most likely to be shared; keep that in mind when you’re trying to boost your reach.

Pay Attention to Your Metrics

Each week, look at the content each of your Facebook posts enjoyed. Which ones enjoyed the furthest reach? That is the content that has the greatest resonance for your audience. Make a point of creating future posts that are similar going forward. The more your audience enjoys your content, the more they’ll share it, and the greater your reach will be.

Is Your Facebook Reach Making You Furious? Here’s What To Do About It
Article Name
Is Your Facebook Reach Making You Furious? Here’s What To Do About It
Business pages have recently seen as much as a 10% drop in the organic reach or their content. Learn why and what you can do about it.

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