It’s a Beautiful Thing: TTG & the SkinCenter


The SkinCenter is a skin care and cosmetic surgery practice in Westchester, NY, home to the top cosmetic professionals in the area. Their internet presence did not reflect this, however, so they came to TTG to give their website a facelift, as well as to develop a social and SEO strategy to enhance their online marketing.

Website Facelift

The SkinCenter opened in 2004 and the founders recognized the importance of having a website to promote their business online. For the first few years, they had gotten by with a website that was very bare and not especially aesthetically pleasing. With aesthetics at the very foundation of what they do, they came to TTG in early 2012 to design a new website to better reflect their acute attention to detail and eye for beauty.

Working closely with Dr. Joseph Sozio and his talented staff, TTG assisted the SkinCenter in giving their website a facelift: from writing all new copy, to rejuvenating the look, feel and functionality of the layout, to even coming up with a new tagline. The new SkinCenter website was transformed from a barren, bleak platform to a robust, informative and inviting site echoing their passion for bold beauty. In addition, TTG designed a new, easy-to-use e-newsletter template to mirror the design of the website, allowing SkinCenter to keep their clients informed of monthly specials and other company news on a regular basis.

Facebook Enhancements

Those familiar with marketing in the digital age understand that simply having a website is not enough to establish a solid web presence. A company that isn’t active on social media in today’s competitive business landscape will, unfortunately, fall behind. At SkinCenter, they have a reputation for being on the cutting-edge, so they wanted this to translate to their activity on the internet as well. For this reason, the SkinCenter returned to TTG to help build a Facebook page to better connect with their clients and the community.

When determining a strategy for the new Facebook page, we decided to use a two-pronged approach, using Facebook as a platform of exclusivity – where fans hear about monthly specials first – as well as promoting the page through Facebook advertisements. With a very reasonable monthly budget decided on and strategic targeting in place, the Facebook page grew by 200+ likes in just one month’s time. Four months later, the page has over 550 likes and is consistently one of the top referrers of traffic to the website every month.

The SEO Treatment

Having a beautiful new website and an active Facebook page is one thing, but without an SEO strategy to support these platforms, an organization’s marketing success is limited. The fresh website and recently launched Facebook page were the perfect outlets to share exciting, SEO-friendly content. TTG worked with the SkinCenter to carefully select keywords; this is a meticulous process, as you want keywords that are high in search volume but low in competition – as well as to align what clients are searching for with the kind of words you want to use to describe your business.

With such a robust site full of content, this allowed for plenty of optimization opportunities. Additionally, the copywriters at TTG began writing monthly articles to make sure fresh content was being added to the site on a regular basis. This content then gets shared on the Facebook page for greater reach. Most recently, on the advice of TTG, the SkinCenter altered their domain name to be more search engine friendly.

Since first beginning our online marketing efforts to today, the SkinCenter has seen an increase of 144% of visits to the website, as well as an increase of 135% of traffic coming from organic Google searches and a 173% increase in the number of visitors coming from Facebook. While all these statistics and figures are great, hearing straight from the client that business has grown over the course of our efforts is the best evidence to us that it’s been a job well done!

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