It’s Lit: Google’s Insights on Gen Z’s Favorite Things


Members of Generation Z were born during or after 1995 and are widely reported to command $44 billion in purchasing power. Google did some research into what brands were valued by members of Gen Z, and compared their results to the beliefs held by Millennials.

Brands were rated on two criteria – how aware members of Gen Z were of the brand, as well as their relative coolness. Google, Netflix and YouTube took top spots in both awareness and coolness – a fact many tech commentators viewed with a bit of a side-eye (especially given that Google owns YouTube) but given the dominant position these firms enjoy in general, as well as teenagers’ love for video, in our opinion, that ranking is probably legitimate.

Snack foods, apparel and video game brands are among those members of Gen Z value most highly. If you’re in any of those industries and serve a teen audience, you’ll want to delve into this report and see if you find any surprises. The one thing we definitely know is that Gen Z will grow up; it’s interesting to see what adult-oriented brands they’re aware of now, and whether their sentiments toward those brands remain consistent in the years to come.

Other insights from the survey will be of little surprise to anyone who has ever been or met a teen. Members of Gen Z tend to be brutally harsh; while Millennials taking the same survey didn’t rank any brands below 4.5 on a scale of 10, Gen Z didn’t hold back and did so for several brands.

Gen Z ranked the qualities of being philanthropic and genuine as the most important, particularly among influencers and celebrities they follow. This echoes what we’ve seen from Millennials and among Baby Boomers: authenticity is such a vital trait that accurately representing yourself needs to be a top priority for all brands.

It’s Lit: Google’s Insights on Gen Z’s Favorite Things
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It’s Lit: Google’s Insights on Gen Z’s Favorite Things
If you’re currently marketing to Generation Z or are planning to in the future, you’re going to want to read these tips & trends.

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