The Emoji Imperative


Domino’s isn’t exactly known for having the world’s best pizza, but they’re definitely ahead of the curve on one marketing trend: the use of emojis. The pizza delivery service has implemented a system that lets users store their favorite pizza order and then, whenever they’d like to have a pizza delivered, all they have to do is send Domino’s the pizza emoji. It’s quick, simple, and very appealing to their customer base.

There are those who decry the use of emojis as a sign our culture has entered a freefall from which there is no return. But the writing’s on the wall: according to this report from Brandweek, emojis have become a preferred communication tool for social media users of all ages. Emojis are able to convey a level of emotional nuance that plain text cannot; they make it easier and faster for users to accurately share their feelings on any given topic. 84% of women and 75% of men report that emojis express their feelings more accurately than words.

As a jewelry brand, this is very important information to have. Understanding the nuanced set of emotions that lead a customer to choose your designs is a complex process. Distilling those emotions into a single symbol the way Domino’s did is a challenging undertaking and may take some time. In advance of this, it’s a good best practice for brands to identify a suite of emojis – the diamond ring, diamond, and bride are great for bridal jewelry – that can be used to reinforce the emotional experience customers have when viewing their content on social media.

Emoji use is not limited to any one age group. 92% of the online population uses emojis, with nearly a third reporting they use the symbols several times a day. Younger people tend to use emojis more often, but nearly two-thirds of people who have achieved the advanced age of 35 (!) report using emojis regularly. If you’re looking for one simple way to strengthen your bond with your social media followers, consider adding emojis to your messaging. It can really help.

The Emoji Imperative
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The Emoji Imperative
92% of the online population uses emojis - isn't it time that you started using them in your jewelry marketing too?

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