Everything Jewelers Need to Know About Instagram

On any given day, 7.6 million people use Instagram and you want your jewelry store to be in the center of all of that activity.

Our guide will help you understand:

  • The proven best type of pictures to post: Do you know what images you need to be sharing?
  • Easy effective strategies that get your customers posting pics of your jewelry & store!
  • 4 super simple ways to sell with video: Are you ready to go viral?
  • Harness the hashtag – the nuts & bolts of social media marketing done right!
  • And more!

Find it all in Technology Therapy Group’s new special report: Instagram for Jewelers. Created by world-class digital marketing experts specifically for the independent jeweler, Instagram for Jewelers teaches you everything you need to know to put this powerful sales tool to work for you right now!

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In Instagram for Jewelers, the Technology Therapy Group teaches you how to make it happen.

instagram-jewelPacked with easy-to-understand, super-simple strategies that will put pictures of your jewelry & store onto your customers’ smartphone regularly. It’s a powerful persuasive sales method that drives customer demand – and you don’t even look like you’re selling!