How Retailers Get Better Results from Digital Marketing

Summer’s here and that means special savings on the diagnostic and training tools that make your digital marketing better. Investing in your store’s online presence now will reap rich rewards during the busy holiday shopping season. Prepare yourself for success with Technology Therapy Group’s Level Up.

Introducing Level Up: When You’re Not Sure Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending time, energy and effort on your digital marketing only to see less than impressive results. Many times, the problem lies behind the scenes. Advertising, analytics and social media accounts need to be set up properly in order to deliver results. The typical e-commerce website has many moving parts: if one piece of code isn’t operating as intended, you lose customers.

Level Up is a digital diagnostic program for retailers. Expert objective analysis of the key components of your online presence provides actionable insights you can use to make your business better. Choose specific Level Up components to address areas of immediate concern or the complete Level Up package to improve all of your digital marketing efforts.

Level Up:
Social Media

Expert human analysis of your profile, content, and engagement on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. Identify stumbling blocks in your sales funnel. Learn how to attract more of your target audience.

Pricing begins at $200

Level Up:

Comprehensive audit and analysis covers SEO, speed testing, and user experience. Understand traffic sources and website visitor behavior like never before. For retailers seeking dramatic improvement & meaningful results.

Pricing begins at $300

Level Up:

Objective oversight of third party advertising platform performance, including Google Adwords, PPC campaigns, and more. Make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Learn how to maximize your advertising’s appeal to your target audience.

Pricing begins at $175

Level Up:

Good data is a significant competitive advantage for today’s retailer. In depth analysis makes sure your analytic tools are properly configured and consistently delivering reliable, accurate data. Essential to confident, strategic decision making.

Pricing begins at $150

Level Up:
Reputation Management

Online reviews have a direct impact on how potential customers see your store. Take charge of your reputation with a targeted review and response protocol that cleans up your reputation online.

Pricing begins at $175

Level Up:
The Total Package

Seeking a complete digital marketing upgrade? The Level Up: Total Package includes all of the essential levels: social media, website, advertising, analytics and reputation management.

Pricing begins at $900