Every time a customer visits your website, they leave you many messages telling you exactly what they think about your business. When you read these messages, you’ll learn what your customers really like, what they’re indifferent about, and what they really wish you would do better. This is extremely valuable information you can use to better satisfy your customers and gain a meaningful competitive advantage – and it’s all in your website data!

Did you know
by learning to read your data you can:

Increase Conversion Decrease Costs Improve Product Management Properly Target Your Digital Advertising

During this 1-hour webinar you’ll learn what messages your customers are leaving you within your Google Analytics. You’ll also learn the importance of outlining your business questions and how to create the reports to answer your questions.

Date: Wednesday, October 18
Time: 1:00 pm

Now’s the best time to start understanding what your customers are trying to tell you. Attending this webinar will help you be more aware of and responsive to your customers. It will also help you prepare for making changes to successfully grow your business in 2018.