It’s Not Too Late for Holiday Promotions!


In the paper age, all of your holiday promotions would have been planned in June. All the loose ends would be tied up in July, with the final proofs being sent to the printer. Fortunately for the procrastinators out there – you know who you are – technology affords us a little more leeway. Months more in fact. If you’ve been putting off those holiday promotions, or you just want to make the most of this final stretch before the holidays, you can still get the word out to your audience before it’s too late!

Late to the Party, But It’s Not Over Yet!

You may be a bit late getting your holiday messages together, but you’ve still got time! The tools below allow you to leverage your messages and get them out quickly!

  • Social Media:

    The beauty of social media is that it can be updated in real time with ease. Spotlight specific products that are selling well for gifts, share your extended holiday hours and post exclusive deals that will get people in the store.

  • Facebook Ads:

    These are a great way to get a last minute push to your website, especially if you highlight guaranteed two-day shipping. Just as with social media in general, these ads can be posted, updated and paused in real time, giving you control over the content you’re sharing and allowing you to get ads out there even in the week before Christmas!

  • Holiday E-Cards:

    Though at this point you may not be able to plan a custom holiday e-card, there is certainly time to put together a card from a template. Whether you’re adding holiday imagery and messaging to your general eblast template or using a card layout provided by your email system, a simple season’s greeting from your company is enough to remind your customers about your wonderful company at this busy time of year.

  • Flash Sales:

    This technique allows you to combine traditional social media and ads on these platforms to drive traffic to your site for a very quick sale, say two hours. You can provide a coupon code on your ads or in your posts that will only work during this time frame. We’ve also had clients who’ve had success with in-store flash sales that they’ve promoted on their social media.

The wait is over! Now’s the time to get these marketing pieces together and get them out before you close up shop on the 24th. Need some help creating your social posts or Facebook ads? Give us a call!

It’s Not Too Late for Holiday Promotions!
Article Name
It’s Not Too Late for Holiday Promotions!
Digital marketing allows you to make the most of your holiday promotions, even if you've been procrastinating. These tools make it easy!

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