Lighten Up Your Marketing: Using Humor to Connect


Who doesn’t appreciate a good laugh? Your customers sure do! Jokes, humorous pictures, silly memes, and viral videos can all bring a smile to your customers’ faces. But humor in your marketing can do so much more than that. Let’s discuss the benefits of using humor in your marketing and give you some tips on how you can start making your customer laugh today!

Benefits of Humor in Your Marketing
  • Build Likeability:

    It doesn’t take an expert to know people will support businesses that they like. Making your customers and potential customers smile or eliciting a little chuckle builds your likeability.

  • Be Memorable:

    Inserting humor into your marketing messages makes them more memorable. Think back to the Super Bowl. Which ads do you remember the most? Chances are, they are the ones that you found funny. Once you’ve established likeability and made yourself memorable, the likelihood that consumers will choose you the next time they need your product or service greatly.

  • Make Connections:

    Basing your humor around shared experiences, universal truths, or cultural movement builds connections between your customers and your brand. Insert text relating to your business into a popular meme (as we’ve done above) or capitalize on a viral video movement, such as the Harlem Shake. This strategy not only makes your customers like you, it shows them that you are like them and understand their world.

Tips for Using Humor
  • Use Humor Sparingly:

    As wonderful as humor is, you don’t want to give the impression that your company is one big joke. Set aside one day per week to post a funny blog, share a silly meme, or post an amusing video. Also be sure that the joke is somehow tied to your business and will resonate with your customers. We’ve done just this with Meme Mondays, when we take a popular meme and apply it to a marketing or web design topic.

  • Keep It Lighthearted:

    Sarcasm doesn’t always translate well (unless you’re using the Sarcastic Wonka meme). Also note that not everyone has your sense of humor. You want to avoid alienating people with your humor. Appeal to the masses – meaning your entire target market – with your humor not the minorities – a specific market segment.

Andrew Carnegie stated “There is little success where there is little laugher.” We couldn’t agree more! Get your customers laughing today by inserting humor into your blogs, social media posts, and other marketing messages.

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