Like it Or Not Tech Is Getting Intimate


Technology is getting more personal each day, with 63% of users between 18 and 29 sleeping with a mobile device in their bed, and wearable technology emerging as one of the top industry trends for 2014. But is technology a place for romance? According to a recent survey from the UK, people are beginning to make tech more personal than we thought possible by incorporating it into their marriage proposals.

Arguable the most romantic moment of people’s lives is now being played out on social media or via a tech device. When asked by Chilisauce, a British events company, 15% of women in the UK favor proposals via a tech device. Of these women, 40% identified social media as the ideal proposal platform, and another 35% preferred that men propose “over the phone.” These statistics are proof positive that technology, once seen as cold and impersonal, is now being adopted to perform even the most sentimental tasks.

Even if you’re not in the romance business, these are important stats to note for several reasons:

  • Social Media:

    Social platforms allow you to form connections with your audience on a medium they value for just this reason. Ignoring social media is denying your company a chance to relate to your customers on a personal level.

  • Mobile:

    From searching for a close place to grab a bite to asking the most important question of their lives, individuals are taking advantage of the convenience and flexibility of mobile devices. You must create a presence in this mobile environment in order to satisfy your customers’ needs and stack up against the competition. After all, you can’t propose if you never meet your bride.

  • Technology as a Whole:

    If you’re not paying attention, new technology and trends can leave you standing at the alter like a runaway bride. Five years ago the thought of a social media proposal would be laughable. These days, technology is so engrained in our lifestyles that though traditional proposals remain the norm, popping the question over the phone or on Twitter doesn’t seem so outrageous.

Just as you may choose to seek the guidance of a marriage counselor before walking down the aisle so too might you need a little therapy before making a commitment to new tech platforms. That’s why we’re here! We’ll help you determine which applications and media are right for you, devise a strategy to lead you to success and guide you through technological changes along the way. Reach out for a free consultation to see how we can work together to make technology work for you.

Like it Or Not Tech Is Getting Intimate
Article Name
Like it Or Not Tech Is Getting Intimate
Technology is getting more personal each day, with 63% of users between 18 and 29 sleeping with a mobile device in their bed and a recent survey revealing that a significant number of people want tech based proposals. Learn how this intimacy will impact your business.

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