LinkedIn Sponsored Posts: Why & How-To


On July 23rd, LinkedIn’s blog revealed to the world that the new sponsored updates had begun to appear for users. And it was not too much later that this feature was officially opened up to LinkedIn company page administrators. Let’s examine the what, why and how of LinkedIn sponsored updates.

What Are Sponsored Posts?

LinkedIn sponsored posts are for company pages. They allow administrators to promote a current or past update on the page. The LinkedIn sponsored posts appear in members’ news feeds similar to how they function on the Facebook platform.


Why Consider Using Linked In Sponsored Posts?

LinkedIn is quickly becoming the most recognized platform for B2B marketing. For businesses large and small, the company page feature gives an organization the opportunity to create an explanation of products, services and opportunities. Pages allow organizations to develop a connection with their people; humanizing all businesses.

Sponsored posts allow businesses the ability to promote and target on LinkedIn with unbelievable precision. By promoting an update you can:

  • Target and attract new talent for current job openings
  • Notify industry specialists of a new promotion
  • Market an upcoming event to local businesses that fall into your specific categories.

How Do You Sponsor a Linked In Post?

Watch this video for the complete step-by-step.

Here are some important takeaways from the video.

  • You need to have a business page.
  • Write your post with the most attention grabbing copy toward the beginning prior to promoting your post. You cannot edit the post you choose to promote.
  • Be sure you think of photos before you publish a post. The photo is part of the promotion.
  • Be exact in your targeting groups, location, job titles, and even age.
  • Be sure to set a campaign budget, not just a daily budget. This will keep your from accidentally over spending.

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